The first time a baby koala sees its mother, it’s lovely.

There is no greater force on Earth than a mother’s love for her own children. Animals, like us, develop strong emotional attachments to their young. Regardless of species, the unique bond between a mother and her child is always extraordinary. You may see it for yourself in the heart-wrenching video that follows.

Koalas, native to Australia, tend to be solitary creatures. Babies and their mothers are the only two people who can truly connect. It’s the bond. However, that’s so unique. In Helensburgh, Australia, the workers of the Symbio Wildlife Park captured on film the tender first meeting of a young koala with its mother.

It’s sweet to see the teeny-tiny joey snuggling up to its mother’s pouch. However, the adorable creature turns its head to look at its mother at the same moment. It’s overpowering when the mother koala and her youthful look into one other’s eyes. These two are beaming with joy!!!

According to the official World Wide Fund website, the koala is Australia’s “most iconic wildlife species.” As a national emblem, they are readily recognizable due to their thick, tailless bodies, huge heads, round fluffy ears, and large spoon-shaped noses.

However, things don’t appear to be looking well for these adorable rodents. As of this year, the Australian Koala Foundation estimates that less than 80,000 wild Koalas are surviving in the world. As a result, they are considered “functionally extinct” by biologists.

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