A caring Golden Retriever and a tiny guinea pig become best friends.

Even though we’ve seen a lot of weird friendships between animals from different species, every time a special bond like that comes to light, it’s just so interesting. Because the more different two animals are, the more special their relationship may be, and that has never been more true than now. This time, a friendly Golden Retriever and a tiny Guinea pig make the Internet go crazy with their friendship. Find out more about Frankenstein and Pippin in this video.

People say that dogs and guinea pigs are very social. Even though they are very different, they could still be good friends. While Pippin, the Golden Retriever, is very gentle and caring, her little brother Frankenstein is always looking for new things to do and new places to go. He also loves his big fur sister, always following her around. He didn’t have a problem with that at all, though. In fact, she’s taking care of her friend and doesn’t even try to keep him out of trouble.


Mother: “He has to follow her all over the place.” When they’re outside, he always has to be under her. Some people say that it looks like he has a remote. Pippin really doesn’t mind having a little shadow to follow her around all the time. She doesn’t mind it at all.

The best part for Frank is when he sleeps because he can snuggle up to his sister’s big fur. In the same way that Pippin is a good friend, she makes him feel bad. “If Pippin is on the couch, he must be under their mom,” their mom told them. “He just starts to feel at home. She’s his comfort blanket.


Their mom thought it would be a good idea for them to have their own Instagram account. This is a very unique and wonderful pair. People who have been following this picture for a long time can’t wait to see more. Look around:

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