Vets who work with wildlife in Kenya are very brave. They were able to save a baby giraffe (Video)

Those who love wildlife will go to great lengths. If you try to save a wild-born baby animal. There were some truly brave people who were willing to do everything they could to save the life of a giraffe who was just ONE WEEK old! Their clever plan worked out in the end.

A wildlife ranger named Bernard got a phone call about an orphaned baby giraffe who was desperate for help, so he called his vet team and rushed to help. When a wild animal needs help from Kenya’s Meru National Park, the ranger and his team are there to help!

Baby giraffe got hurt in the back, so Bernard knew it would be hard to save him. The tiny animal had to be moved quickly to Nairobi by plane to have a better chance of living. Because of the way he was hurt, he had to stay in a seated position. Because by car, it would have taken almost eight hours.

The patient was surprised to find that he was very calm and relaxed during the trip, as if he knew all about the risks of getting help. Bernard, of course, did what he could to help the friendly animal along the way. It is a hard job to comfort a young animal that has just lost his mother.

Thanks to these vets, the baby giraffe has made it to the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, where baby elephants, rhinos, and even giraffes can get the love and comfort they never had before. That’s what happened to this baby giraffe when it was found and rescued. This is where they will keep him until he’s well enough to go back into the wild. There have been good things about KIKO at the orphanage so far, though. She has been very friendly and loving.


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