pig mother runs from the farm to save her babies

The bond between a mother and her child is undeniably powerful. Mothers safeguard their children to the nth degree. But the method this future mother chose to protect her unborn children is unique. A pregnant pig escapes a factory farm to safely give birth to her babies.

Anna Aston walked her dog in a forest near Nottingham, England, when she came across a mother pig and her piglets. She initially mistook them for wild boars, but they are actually farm pigs. Anna realized she was in an odd circumstance.


According to the BBC, the pigs were not wild boars. ‘This isn’t right,’ I thought. The woods don’t have them.”

Anna called Brinsley Animal Rescue for the piglets’ and their mother’s protection. Jon Beresford and Beth Hewis went looking the next day.

“We found her in the woods, having her babies,” Jon told The Dodo. A ring through her nose restricted her ability to graze but not forage for food.

Surprisingly, the rescuers couldn’t do anything to save the mother and her infants. Because Matilda escaped from a farm, they couldn’t pick them up and bring them to the shelter.

” She wanted to flee and save her infants, but we couldn’t just collect them.” “We required the owners’ consent.” Finding their owners was difficult, so the two rescuers sought help from the media. Luckily, the story became viral, and a happy ending was closer than expected. But not without a struggle!

After Matilda and her babies were returned to the farm they had fled, they found a safe home to live in owing to a fund drive, many kind individuals, and relentless efforts.

On Facebook, the rescue said Matilda and her eight piglets enjoyed their first night free. As a result, she no longer needs to worry about their condition.

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