Very moving moment. It’s good that the 59-year-old chimpanzee is back with her old friend because she’s sick.

We’ve seen some amazing relationships between wild animals and the people they’ve met, and we can’t believe it. Because this chimp and her old caretaker have been together for a long time, nothing can compare to their current relationship.

One of Jan van Hooff’s students at Utrecht University and the co-founder of the Burgers colony was Mama. He first met her in 1972. Mr. van Hooff used to look after the chimp for a short time. Even so, they formed a strong friendship. One of the things that brought them back together in 2016 was a very strong connection.

When Mama, the leader of a famous chimpanzee group, was very sick. She just sat there in her enclosure and didn’t even want to eat, even though she was hungry. In fact, the staff at the Royal Zoo in the Netherlands called van Hooff, the man Mama always liked. When the professor heard that his old friend was dying, he went to see her right away. This is one of the most heartfelt things I have ever seen between a human and a wild animal that I have ever seen.

First, Mama doesn’t do anything when van Hooff walks into her enclosure. When her life came to an end, she didn’t move. It wasn’t until the chimpanzee heard the voice of the old caretaker that her heart broke. Her old friend made her feel better when she saw her. A week after that, Mama died of a sickness. Such a beautiful moment!

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