A family of adorable bobcats has taken up living in a woman’s front yard for more than a month.

When you step outside your house in the morning and come face to face with a family of wild cats, it’s not the kind of circumstance you’re used to dealing with. However, if you reside in Arizona and are only a few steps away from the Sonoran Desert, things may be different.

Kate Smith, a Mesa resident, recently uploaded an adorable photo of her front porch on Twitter to show the rest of the world what her home looks like. According to the now-viral snapshot of the family, a mother bobcat and her two pups are quietly napping on the woman’s property. Although waking up to such a beautiful scene can only be pleasing, Kate reports that the unwelcome guests have already been there for about a month and are not planning to depart any time soon.

In an interview with the Daily Mesa News, Smith stated that “these people have been here for a month.” “I’ve been informed that once the boys are old enough to hunt on their own, they should go on, but they’ve been here for quite some time.”

After calling the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the woman inquired about assistance. However, according to experts, transporting bobcats can be extremely risky for the animals. As a result, Kate gradually accepted her guests because she has a deep affection for wildlife (no rent required). She can only hope that the cute cats will be able to venture away from her front porch one day.

As a result of their response, the woman stated, “they told me that if you take them out of their natural habitat, they normally don’t survive,” so she decided to “forget it.” I have a sign posted in the driveway to inform the delivery persons not to enter our yard. All of the neighbors and members of the family are aware that they should not approach the front door. “At this time, our dog has been grounded.”

However, even though they share the same porch, wildlife specialists urged Kate not to approach too close to them since they may become uncomfortable and even aggressive due to the close proximity. ‘Oh my god, give them water,’ everyone says, but the deer and fish warned me not to give them water because they didn’t want them to be comfortable,” Kate explained.

In Santa Fe, New Mexico, this woman awoke to find a magnificent bobcat family on her porch, which she graciously allowed them to take over. She even recorded them on her phone. Take a look at them below:

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