Every night, the hedgehog and the fox have dinner together. The hedgehog is very small, and the fox is very big.

Because this little hedgehog and a group of foxes made a friendship despite the odds, it’s even more sweet. When the two strangers met up in someone else’s yard, they started having dinner together.

There are a lot of foxes in the United Kingdom, so it’s common for people who live in wooded areas to be visited by these cute animals. She and her family were also affected by it. The young woman saw how friendly the foxes were, so she decided to give them some food. That made them come back again and again.

Facebook/Lucy Goacher

“We used to have foxes come to our house for years, but like many people, we thought they were dangerous.” Yet, a few years ago, we found out how gentle they are.

Sometime in the last few years, Lucy has been giving away free food to the dog and cat that have been living in the woman’s back garden. If you’re hungry, a free meal is always welcome, especially if you’re a small hedgehog. A few months ago, another strange visitor came by: a tiny hedgehog. The tiny animal was afraid at first, but came near the food only when the four foxes were done eating. As it turns out, they didn’t plan to chase him away, but to become friends with him!

Facebook/Lucy Goacher

In Lucy’s words, “He marched right through the group of foxes and started on a bowl.” When I saw him, I was afraid they would attack him. Instead, they looked at him with curiosity, as if they couldn’t believe how bold he was, and they let him eat alone.

Facebook/Lucy Goacher

This isn’t the only thing that blew Lucy’s mind. One heartwarming scene in particular made her think that animals are better than humans. At dinner, one of the foxes came over to the little “intruder.” He joined him and had a good time. The little boy was more than happy to share his bowl of food, especially since it was free. Since then, this adorable group of friends has been dining on Lucy’s back porch every time.

The woman said, “They’re all in love with free food.” “Something that can be said about most people, I think.” Lucy is always posting pictures of her cute guests on Facebook, so people can see them all the time. Watch this!

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