His son, Jeff, is the world’s largest bunny.

Everybody knows about Darius, the world’s largest rabbit. At 4 feet 3 inches and almost 50 pounds, the giant bunny didn’t have any competition for his title. A big rabbit looks ready to take it now. Jeff is the son of Darius, and he’s pretty cool, too.

There are still a few months left for Jeff to grow, so who knows? We might see a record broken soon. The two very gentle giants are living with their human mother in England at the moment.

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Because they’re so big, their mom says they’re the best animal friends she could have. She says: “Both of them are very laid back and relaxed.” This is how most rabbits like to be looked at and get along with kids, and these two aren’t any different. They’re even friendly to other animals, which is great!

Annette Edwards, who lives in the city of Bromsgrove, says that even though her rabbits are big eaters, she likes having them around more than anything. People call them “Continental Giants” because they’re the biggest rabbits in the world. Darius and Jeff are part of this big rabbit family. So in order for these giant rodents to grow, they need to eat a lot of food. They each eat about 7,000 carrots and more than 700 apples each, and they all eat together. That is in addition to the rabbit food that they eat every day.

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Being the world’s biggest rabbit and his son, they both have a big appetite to match. Annette, who owns them, said that. Yet, it’s good for them to eat hay all day long because it helps keep their teeth and digestive systems in good shape.

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You can learn more about these gentle giants in the video that comes after this one.

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