A rare video shows an owl “swimming” for its life in the canyon.

When you go through nature, it’s always interesting. All of its beauty can be seen. Still, sometimes you’ll see very different things, but they are also fascinating. In this case, a group of hikers saw a once-in-a-lifetime event.

During their hike through Lake Powel, Derrick Zuk and some of his friends came across an amazing sight. It was somewhere between Arizona and Utah, but they didn’t know where. As a good thing, they took a picture of the moment, and now it has gone viral.

Dramatic footage shows an owl “swimming” in the water. National Geographic thinks it’s a great horned owl because it has some of its feathers from when it was young. The bird likely fell out of its nest and fell into the water.

“I think it fell out of the nest.” Geoff LeBaron from the National Audubon Society said that great horned owls build their nests on ledges on cliffs. When the people leave, the bird should have dried off, and its parents will find it.
Owls can’t fly from water, but they can swim to land before taking off again. Afterward, Derrick and his group went back to the same place. The owl was nowhere to be found, and Derrick was sad. There is a good chance that he has already flown. Sometimes, Mother Nature comes up with some pretty amazing things to enjoy.

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