In this wild video, pigs fight off a huge bear that jumped into their pen.

This isn’t something you see every day: two brave pigs worked together to chase a huge black bear from their pen. He thought he found the easiest food, but he found out how fearless pigs can be on the hard way, so he didn’t eat it. We caught the dramatic moment thanks to the camera on the ring of the bracelet!

Over a year ago, Rebecca Shaw adopted two therapy pigs named Mary and Hammy. They were having a good time in their comfortable enclosure when a very unusual guest visited. In the end, the black bear climbed over the fence and hopped inside. Stand your ground and defend your pen with all of your might, pigs!

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It took the bear a while to get inside, but when he came face to face with Mary, she didn’t hesitate to fight back. After a few seconds, Hammy came over to his friend. Together, they could corner the bear and eventually get him to run away. When the pigs’ owner saw the moment on film, he couldn’t say anything.

People: “I am very proud of them because little Hammy is afraid of his own shadow. I also like how he charged out when he saw Mary fighting with the bear.” “He said, “Oh no, no way, get out.”

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As a good thing, none of the pigs were hurt, and even though they were a little scared because of their bravery, they got better very quickly. “I’m glad they weren’t hurt because it could have been a lot worse.”

WTNH News8

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