Man gives everything up to travel across 48 states and rescue as many dogs as possible.

His love for dogs is clear. His job and all his custody were left behind so that people would know that shelter animals make great pets.

He spent a lot of time at the shelter when he was young. There were animals there that he tried to save as he got older, and he tried to find them homes. So it should come as no surprise that when Asher grew up, he kept up his activism by fostering animals and adopting his own “crew” of friends.

It’s not a big surprise to Asher or anyone who knew him when he was younger that now he has a home full of rescues.

Asher now has a bigger goal: to save all animals from shelters.

Many people think shelter animals aren’t good pets, so Asher knows it’s important to make people aware that shelter animals are great pets! It’s a big job, but he’s ready for it.

Inspiration comes from loving dogs and knowing that you’re making room for other rescues to be adopted when you rescue a dog, which is a good thing. He said that it was a win-win and a beautiful feeling.

After Asher bought an RV and quit his job, he and his best friend are on a trip to save dogs. They’re also taking the six adopted dogs Asher rescued with them.

When he does this, he wants to go to all 48 states and save as many animals as possible.

Asher says in the video: “We want to show people that the dogs in the shelters are the most beautiful, loving, and amazing dogs you could ever think of.”

Since three months ago, the two friends and their pets have been to 31 states and rescued over 90 dogs, which is impressive. But the two aren’t done.

He said, “I’m not even close to being done.” “The goal at the end is to get rid of all the shelters,” says

You can learn more about this hero’s plan in the video below.

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