Fishermen in Florida helped a hammerhead shark that was hurt to give birth on the beach.

One day, Noe Campos, a fisherman who only takes what he needs, and his friends were fishing for sharks in the Gulf of Mexico. They saw something that happens once in a lifetime. In what the men thought was a moment of celebration, they actually saved a person’s life. They had caught the biggest fish they had ever seen!

YouTube/Associated Press

Fishermen from Venice, Florida, quickly realized that the 12-foot hammerhead shark they caught was seriously hurt and rushed to help her. Then they saw that the female was pregnant and ready to give birth, so they had to let her go. That’s what happened right away. They went from fishermen to doctors and jumped into the water so they could help the shark give birth to its young.

YouTube/Associated Press

Nearly two hours of hard work were needed, but in the end, more than 20 pups were safe and sound. Camping said, “I stood in the water for about two or three seconds to make sure they swam off right. As soon as I let them out, “Voom! They ran away.”

YouTube/Associated Press

This is how it turned out: the huge hammerhead shark had a big bite on her belly because she was fighting with another shark. This meant that her babies were in danger. But the fisherman were kind and helped save them all. As a sad thing, the mother died because she was hurt. At least all of her pups have made it!

“It changed my life,” Ashley Travis, one of the fishermen, told Newsday over the phone. I haven’t seen anything give birth before.

Video of the amazing scene was taken by people in the area and shared on the web. The video is below.

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