In this video, a mother hen takes in a group of helpless kittens and makes sure they stay warm, which is very cute.

This is one of the most precious things you’ve ever seen, and it’s not even weird. It might sound like something out of a fairy tale, but this farmer had a chicken take care of three little kittens. The man even took a video of the cute moment, and it went viral on the internet!

At Goran A. Surchi’s farm, there are a lot of animals that live together peacefully. There are dogs and cats, well as goats and sheep, as well as birds. However, the Kurdish farmer didn’t teach his animals how to bond most sweetly. But when three orphaned kittens needed help, they found it where no one would expect it. A mother hen came to their aid.


Goran heard the kittens crying one day, so he went to see what was going on. When he saw that the meows were coming from the chicken coop, he thought the hen and her baby chickens might be in danger. “But, no, it wasn’t.” Quite by accident, the mother hen decided to take the little kittens under her wings and keep them warm.


I heard meows from our chicken coop “for some time now,” the farmer said. “Our chickens could be in danger.” Meow: “When I found out that the meows came from under the chicken, I decided to record it so I wouldn’t miss this unique moment. To my surprise, there were three lovely cats.”


As it turns out, the three kittens were left alone after their mother died. They needed the love and comfort that only a mother could give them. As a result, Lee’s hen was right there to protect them.

Goran shared the heartwarming footage on TikTok, and everyone fell in love with the way this mother hen cares for the kittens who have no other place to go. You can see it here:

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