Cameras caught giant pandas having fun in the first snow.

The rule that people get headaches when it snows doesn’t seem to work for pandas. People living in the D.C. area got a lot of snow this winter. The National Zoo’s panda family was caught on camera having the time of their lives.

The pandas love the snow more than most other animals, but no one does it as well as these cute little guys. They are having fun in the snow just like kids in a video that has gone viral. Mei Xiang and Tian Tian are two giant pandas. They’re rolling and sliding down the snow with pure joy during this moment. If you look at the adult pandas, they’re having so much fun playing in the snow. The cub, Xiao Qi Ji, who is having his first snowfall, prefers to look at it instead of running across that big white coat.

National Zoo/ Twitter

His mother and father have no time to waste, so they make the most of the snow as quickly as possible. People at the Zoo wrote a post about how excited the zookeepers were to show him around. “However, he did go outside for a few minutes,” says the teacher.

This is so cute:

Pandas are native to Northern China, and they know a lot about snow. They’re also known for being playful. So, when a cute panda is in a snowy place, there is only one thing that happens: pure happiness. They also love snow days. There are many videos of dogs getting very excited when they jump in the snow.

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