Santa brings Christmas gifts to the baby animals at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Before he went on his usual trip every year, Santa Claus went to the Cincinnati Zoo to see what was going on there this time. Santa’s good list was full this year because he gave sweet gifts to every animal at the zoo. Baby animals were the most excited, but the meerkats and red pandas were just as excited as the little ones!

Baby rhino Ajani Joe and the world’s best hippo Fiona have also been on Santa’s list. He did not let them down!

Santa gave Ajani Joe a big ball and bamboo, a favorite food for red pandas, says the director of the Cincinnati Zoo. The lettuce he brought her made Fiona very happy. She also liked the box it was in. When Pocket and Theo were babies, they took their time looking at Santa’s gifts.

Cincinnati Zoo

People who want to see Santa at the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden will have to wait a little longer. The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden says it will be closed for Christmas, but Santa will stay until December 23. On the other hand, the zoo said that Santa’s visit to the zoo was different.

Cincinnati Zoo

Santa also gave the zoo’s naked mole rats some extra gifts. He has bought them some clothes to make them feel more comfortable now that winter is here.

Cincinnati Zoo

Naked mole rats don’t need any extra help to stay warm, the zoo posted on its Facebook page. Santa was very kind to bring them clothes. The deserts of East Africa make their home very warm. They like to snuggle together in big piles as soon as they get a little chilly.

In the video below, you can see Santa bring sweets to the animals at the zoo, and you can watch it.

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