A family of bears has a pool party, but they forget to tell the people who live there.

It’s different for everyone how they deal with the hot weather in the summer. You can have a party by the pool to cool down, and this family of bears agrees!

A mama bear and her five cubs were filmed having a great time in a family’s above-ground pool. They were having breakfast in Rockaway, New Jersey, on a sunny day. Then, some terrible loud noises got in the way of their meal. All of them were shocked when they looked through the window.


A mother cougar is always nearby to keep an eye on her cubs as they run, swim, and splash around in the yard. As a bear, you should be able to go swimming in other people’s pools whenever you want, right? Then, too bad!


The mama bear and her five cubs looked like they were having a good time. After splashing around for a while, they began to look around the whole yard. The slide, the floats, and the balls couldn’t stand up to the little bears’ desire to play. People who lived there were in a lot of trouble because of the bears. She says, “My floaty was taken.” While her mom said, “Hey, Mrs. Bear! Is everything okay?” That was a lot of money. Look around!

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