In this video, two cute baby otters squeaking while having lunch

As soon as we saw these two baby otters, we fell in love with them. They were so cute that they quickly became a hit on the internet. The cute furballs are a little hungry, so their carer gives them some food to eat. But their next move is what everyone loves.

Screenshot via YouTube

An animal-protection group took this short video at the time. Two tiny otters are shown in the video. However, They were saved from ending up in the wrong hands. They were saved by a kind man, who you can see in the video on the next page. He was able to stop the transaction and get the two innocent people out of harm’s way.

Screenshot via YouTube

The animals are being looked after at the center while we wait for them to get better. They get the love and attention they need, and they enjoy lunchtime the most. When they eat lunch, their sounds are so cute!

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