It took hours for a group of strangers to help the baby orca get out of a tight spot.

In British Columbia, Canada, a group of killer whales were hunting for seals on a remote part of the coast. One of the younger whales made a move that left him stuck on a piece of rock. There were sharp rocks under the whale’s feet. He was clearly exhausted and confused, and he needed help. Good news: The help came from an unlikely source for him, and he is very grateful for it

People who first saw the whale on the rocks began tossing him with water and tried to make him feel better. But the rescue turned out to be a very hard one. They had to move very carefully because the whale had been stuck in rough and dangerous rocks.

Because the whale was so big, people had difficulty moving him back into the water without hurting him more. The whale showed clear signs of stress and anxiety, which made him act bizarrely. Still, the people who came together to help her didn’t give up.

Check out the video below to see if their efforts worked or not!

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