Man rescues frozen Little bird with his breath

Despite what most people think, not all birds fly south in the winter to escape the cold and find a place to stay that is warm. This is a myth. Many of our feathered friends stay behind and try to deal with the cold as well as possible. But it isn’t always easy.

Temperatures that fall well below the freezing point can put many of these birds in real danger. The little bird in the video below didn’t know what to do when the cold winter weather hit. It got stuck on the metal pipe next to a water heater. If the little bird stopped to drink some water, its feet got wet from the water and froze to the metal. So the birdie was stuck to the pipe.

YouTube/Nelson Wilson

Because the bird was panicking, a kind man named Wilson was able to hear it and do something to help her and save her life. Man: The man started gently blowing warm air on the bird’s feet to ensure he wouldn’t hurt her. After a few minutes, the bird was finally able to move her feet, which had been frozen.

YouTube/Nelson Wilson

Nelson Wilson said that he saw a single sparrow perched on the steel fence near the water tank on New Year’s morning. Often, birds will drink from the heated water tank. Apparently, this bird had wet itself. It became stuck to the fence in the near-freezing Idaho weather as it tried to flee.

YouTube/Nelson Wilson

It started with putting my palm on the fence and on the frightened bird’s feet. I also tried to stop the bird’s flapping wings by gently holding them down. The brave man wrote, it looked like warming the bird’s feet with my warm breath would be a faster way to get things done.

The whole rescue was caught on video. Look around:

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