In this video, rescued piglets try to nurse a four-month-old kitten. It’s adorable.

As often as we’ve seen shelter animals comfort each other, it’s always heartwarming to see rescued four-legged animals bonding when they need each other the most. A rescue center in Georgia is where some piglets and a kitten meet. They become friends after they meet at the center.

It took Adrienne Jacobs a long time to find a foster mother for the little porkers she found. They looked too young to be able to eat on their own. She runs the Wild Things Sanctuary in Union Point, New York. That was surprising, but the tiny piglets looked like they could hold their own, no matter how young.

Wild Things Sanctuary

A four-month-old rescue kitten named Mac has already become a friend to the cute little piglets even though they haven’t been at the shelter very long. There is a good chance that the piglets and the kitten found comfort in each other. When they were taking naps, they couldn’t be apart.

Wild Things Sanctuary

The 32-year-old woman noticed that the piglets were trying to nurse from the kitten. To her surprise, Mac let them do it! When Adrienne took a picture of the heartwarming scene, it was adorable. Look around:

Wild Things Sanctuary

Mac asks them to cuddle up with him because he loves them. Adrienne said that Mac wants them to. People say, “These are his best friends.” The cat might not like it, but can you hear him purring?

It didn’t matter that the three piglets grew up. They still spend time with their furry friend, and they love taking naps with them. What will happen to this cuddle pile when the piglets grow into big pigs? This is your answer, says the woman. “Nothing has changed!”

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