Video of baby elephants having a mud bath in Kenya goes viral.

Like, little kids, baby animals are always looking for new things to do. Half of a reason to have fun, no matter where, and most of the time, no matter what. So when a group of baby elephants found a mud paddle, you can only imagine what happened next!

They are having the time of their lives while mud bathing in such a sweet video. Cameras caught this precious moment, and animal lovers worldwide love the little guys’ routine. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, a Kenyan elephant orphanage, is the group that made the video that is so cute.

Twitter/Sheldrick Wildlife

Each of the little people in the short video has a very sad story. Eventually, all these elephants are very brave, and they deserve to have happy times like this because of all they have been through in life.

In a tweet, the orphanage said that “flop and flail” is how Olorien bathes. “She’s an orphan who overcame the odds to stay alive,” says the person.

Twitter/Sheldrick Wildlife

It was started in 1977 by Dame Daphne Sheldrick in memory of her husband, David Sheldrick. Hundreds of animals, mostly elephants, have been able to get a second chance. They’ve also been able to save and help so many orphaned elephants thanks to a nearly perfect milk formula that almost looks like the milk of a mother elephant.

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