He takes his puppy for the best sled ride.

This is the video of a 12-year-old boy taking his dog for a ride on a sled. It is so cute! Somebody who lived next door to the boy took a picture of the adorable moment, and it quickly went viral on the internet.

Things are very different when you’re young. Most people get a lot of headaches in the winter. A lot of snow makes the winter a lot of fun for kids. During a recent snowstorm in Cluj county, Romania, many people chose to stay inside and stay warm. People were looking out their windows to see the beauty of winter. This boy took his dog for a walk.

CERT Transilvania

In Râșca, the streets were covered in snow. Andrei took his bike, dog Pufi, and a snow sled out to enjoy the snow. Only then did he add Pufi to the slide on his bike. As soon as he jumped on it, he had one of the best rides he had ever been on.


As the video of Andrei and Pufi went viral, a group called CERT Transilvania came to see them. And not just to say “hi,” but to give them a brand new Nike so they can go on more trips.

We were enchanted by Andrei and Pufi, the dog, CERT Transilvania said on Facebook. “Andrei made us want to be kids again,” they said. “We were reminded of the simple things that made us happy as kids: a sled, a friend, and some snow.” At the same time as giving Andrei a new bike, we also made him happy by giving him a bike with all of the things he’ll need for a long time to come.

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