Firefighters in California save a tiny barn owl from the wildfires by putting it in a safe place.

A simple act of kindness could mean the world to someone in desperate need of help.

Even the firefighters in California are working hard to put out the fire burning for a long time. It looks like their work doesn’t stop there. They also try to help and save as many people as they can. In this case, while fighting the Silverado fire, an Orange County fire crew found an animal that needed help.


When the tiny creature’s wings caught fire in the huge fire, things looked very bad for him. When the barn owl was left alone and couldn’t fly, things only got worse. But thanks to the brave firefighters, it was saved. People in the video say that this person is very poor. Friend, we’ll get you some help from us.


Video released by the Fire Department shows a first responder cradling a little animal that had been hurt. Once it was out of harm’s way, the crew took it to the Serrano Animal and Bird Hospital. After the Orange County Fire Authority wrote that “he’s safe and sound,” they added that “he’s with animal control.”

Because the vets here say, it only has a few minor wounds and will soon be well again. “We’ll have to hold on to him until he grows new feathers,” they said. During this time, he will be able to fly.

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