Fishermen came to rescue a helpless deer five miles off the coast.

Fishermen don’t expect to see a deer, so this is the least likely thing to happen. Well, believe it or not, these tree fishermen come across when they go out to fish for lobsters in the middle of the ocean. Thanks to all of the people who helped, the helpless animal had a good ending.

Ren Dorr

Ren Dorr, the captain of the commercial fishing boat Ryss & Stace, was about five miles off the coast of Maine when he saw the deer struggling to keep its head above water. A deer was clearly in danger, but they didn’t think about it for a second and did everything they could to save him. However, it was hard to get the animal out because it was scary and confusing. They could get it aboard and save its life in the end.

Ren Dorr

“We had to circle a few times to get him,” one fisherman told ABC News. We dragged him in by the spikes and maybe a leg or two.

Ren Dorr

Once the animal was safely on board, the crew went to the shore to let it go back to land. In the end, the crew said, “It was well worth the time and work.” “You can’t let anything suffer like that when you can do something simple.”

Dorr later posted a few photos of the dramatic rescue on Facebook, and his post quickly went viral. Many people thanked him for his selfless act. “I found this little guy about 5 miles off the coast today, drifting away from land,” Dorr wrote. “We couldn’t let the poor guy drown, so we took him on board and sailed him for half an hour to land and dropped him off on the beach!” And they sailed back out to haul.

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