He got stuck in the sewer grates. A group of firefighters quickly rush to help him get out of there.

A raccoon had to be freed for almost two hours with the help of ten firefighters. Afterward, the poor thing got its head stuck in a grate.

When the Newton Fire Department in Massachusetts got a call about a trapped raccoon, they knew it would be hard to get the animal out. Firefighters had to be very careful because any mistake could have hurt the animal or firefighters. It wasn’t the first time the firefighter team had had to deal with a situation like this.

Fire Capt. Eric Fricke told the Washington Post, “We sent our rescue company.” They have the tools and know-how to help people get rid of things.

They had to work around the clock to get out of the raccoon’s hole because no one knew how long it had been there. A cyclist saw the animal in trouble and called the police.

However, setting the raccoon free was more difficult than I thought. To get the raccoon out, the firemen used soap at first. It didn’t work, so they used a different tool instead. So they took the grate out, and after an animal rescue team gave them the go-ahead, they put the animal to sleep.

So that it could relax, Capt. Fricke said the raccoon had to be sedated.” Fights were taking place all over the place. But in the end, it took nearly two hours for the poor raccoon to be found and taken home. Everybody is happy that there was a good outcome, and they could get him out.

The fire department thanked the rescue on Twitter. “It was a lot of work,” they said on Twitter. “Always ready to help our four-legged friends!” reads another tweet.

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