Dolphin sits in a sand circle, waiting. After a few seconds, the camera captures a fantastic ocean occurrence.


Dolphins appear to be the happiest animals on the planet, and they never seem to grow out of their cheerful demeanor, which may explain why we admire them so much. Regardless of how fun and playful these animals appear to be, they also have a sinister side about which we know very little. In this video, we’ll learn about dolphins’ secret hidden when they’re not being so lovely and cute.


No matter how adorable and lovely dolphins are, they, like all animals, require food. Life is relatively simple for them when they live in maritime parks because they are hand-fed their meals, but out in the wild, these amazing creatures must seek their food. Anyway, because bottlenose dolphins are highly intelligent animals, they devised a great alternative instead of chasing their food like lions or other predators.



The video below shows a dolphin that appears to be behaving strangely at first. It’s actually female swimming in a circle, flicking her tail against the bottom of a shallow ocean bed. But this astute young lady isn’t fooling; the ring of debris and muck she’s excavating is actually an excellent fishing net. And once she’s set up her trap, the oblivious fish take care of the rest.

You can see why dolphins are known as the experts in food planning in the video below!



h/t: FaithTap

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