The comical effect of holding on to an adoptive dog during a forecast had viewers laughing aloud.


We usually monitor the news to find out what the weather forecast is. This time, however, it develops into a completely entertaining show. It happened in Canada at the Global Edmonton news station. The Humane Society has brought one of its canines to the event. Ripple, a lovely 18-month-old Mastiff, appeared to be more energetic than usual. Mike Sobel, the weatherman, enters the studio before the forecast, escorted by the cute Ripple.


But it was evident from the start that things would not go as planned for Mike. While the weatherman attempted to calm him down, the adorable dog began to play with his leash. He attempts unsuccessfully to get the dog to “sit,” but no avail. So, while Mr. Mike is attempting to do his job, Ripple is only concerned about having a good time.


It all culminates in a pretty hilarious scene. It’s hilarious to see the weatherman work so hard to keep the lovely puppy under control while Ripple thinks his leash is the perfect chew toy. Needless to say, the entire event was shown live on television, much to the audience’s enjoyment. To view this hilarious moment, watch the video below. Have fun with it!

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