The result of a photographer tiptoeing through the tulips to photograph harvest mice will make your day.


We all have awful days, and sometimes it seems like there’s nothing we can do to change our negative moods. However, a lovely tiny animal, such as these adorable harvest mice, will always put a smile on your face.

Miles Herbert, a British photographer, captured these adorable mice when they were playing among the tulips near his home in Bournemouth, England. Mr. Herbert, a 52-year-old photographer, owns Captivelight Photography, which hosts workshops and photographs “birds of prey, reptiles, frogs, and other beasties.”

“It’s always a delight watching these charming little critters go about their business,” he wrote for the Daily Mail. The mice adore climbing in and out of the tulips and eating the stamens and nectar from the petals. Harvest mice are Europe’s tiniest animals with prehensile tails. This is used to assist them in holding on and balance while climbing or as an anchor while eating. The photographer continued, “Watching and photographing them is intriguing and only somewhat addictive.”

It’s tough not to fall in love with this charming little critter, who is bee-like in his enjoyment of the tulips. Prepare yourself for some heart-melting moments as you scroll down to uncover the cuteness overload!

Image credits: Miles Herbert/Caters News

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