This Giant eagle gets mistaken for a man in a costume!

When we think of large animals, we usually think of mammals like elephants or blue whales. Birds, in general, aren’t particularly large. But this bird is enormous, far larger than any other bird you can imagine. It has the appearance of a grown man in a suite. This massive harpy eagle is breathtaking.

This bird appears to be threatening, as if it is saying, “I’m going to eat a couple of people for breakfast.” Its size will actually convince you of this. We’ve only seen these kinds of birds in movies and science-fiction stories. Or someone could believe it has escaped from Area 51, where it has been kept hidden from the rest of the world!

The bird has large, sharp claws, making it potentially deadly. As previously stated, this eagle does not appear to be in a joyful mood. Harpy eagles can be found in tropical and subtropical rain forests, where they live in the treetops. As a result, the majority of them reside in Central and South America. They are, however, on the verge of extinction, as there are currently fewer than 50 000 of them left in the world.

These eagles are known as “royal hawks” in their native Brazil, a reference to their stature. These birds pursue smaller prey such as monkeys, snakes, and rabbits. As a result, we humans have nothing to be concerned about. Those claws, however, can cause serious injury to any human.

This bird is strange and fascinating at the same time. Normally, bird sanctuaries do not keep this bird since it requires a lot of space to fly and has a large body. However, it is our responsibility as humans to improve the world so that all of us, be it people, animals, birds, or other living creatures, can live in peace on this globe.




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