This individual creates a machine that collects garbage that magpies bring and feeds it to them.

It’s simple to teach a dog to bring you anything you desire. But, believe it or not, this amazing lady teaches magpies to bring bottle caps in exchange for food.

Hans Forsberg, a robotics and AI researcher, came up with the brilliant idea of making a bird-feeding machine.

When Hans noticed two magpies in his backyard, he had this brilliant idea. Like crows, these birds were attempting to steal the paraffin candles from his lanterns. As a result, Hans came up with the idea of putting these brilliant minds to good use.

As a result, he built a machine to collect trash in his garden in exchange for food. For him, as well as the majority of us, this is a new project.

Hans’ garbage-disposing equipment in exchange for food

When a magpie throws a bottle cap at the machine, he/she gets food as a treat.

This project entails certain steps.

The dispenser must first be loaded with bird food. As a result, putting a piece of garbage in the receptacle offers at least two pieces of food.

Once a piece of waste is dropped, food is passed through a tube and funnel to a small compartment where the bird can retrieve it.

The main box has a Raspberry Pi system as well as a camera, as well as detectors and circuitry to monitor every movement.

It took Hans a few years to train the magpies in the recycling procedure.

The young magpies are more environmentally conscious than the adults.

As I previously stated, it is not a straightforward procedure. The equipment also has its own graphic user interface and vibrating motors.

Hans spent a long time training magpies, and it wasn’t easy. He claims that he had to first pique the birds’ interest in the food he gave and get them to return to Hans on a regular basis.

The adult birds were cautious because they were aware of the potential threats. However, with the birth of the children, Hans found that the younger ones were more courageous and simpler to train.

Hand wants to improve his experiment by teaching the birds to pick up waste in the form of cigarette butts.

Look at the videos. The way magpies keep the neighborhood clean

Hans Forsberg is the photographer behind this image.

So far, only one girl has grasped the concept and is working extremely hard to earn food. However, it turns out that her nefarious siblings have been stealing her awards right under her nose.

Hans intends to expand his project to benefit the entire neighborhood, and we wish him the best of luck in his efforts to improve the world.

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