Hats off to these courageous Zimbabwean women who protect elephants from poachers.

Chris Thomas is a writer and a musician. 4th of October, 2020 There are no comments yet.

Do you believe that women are delicate? Then it’s time to reconsider your position.

These amazing Zimbabwean women have dedicated their lives to saving wild elephants from poachers.

These actual heroines fight to save elephants from extinction among the so-called humans.

You may have seen the story of Akashinga, which has received a lot of attention and support from all across the world. Animal lovers and environmentalists all throughout the world admire and respect these women’s efforts.

These courageous women work as rangers in Zimbabwe’s Phundundu Wildlife Area.

What’s more interesting is that the majority of these Akashinga women come from abusive households. As a result, individuals may be familiar with the sensation of being pursued and tortured. Perhaps this is why they’ve banded together to defend one species against the so-called intelligent species; humans.

It is their life’s work to save animals. According to the BBC, these rangers are part of the Anti-Poaching Foundation.

The name of the group, Akashinga, means ” Brave Ones ” in Shona, the indigenous language.

These are the true heroines of the story. They go against their own species to save another, which is quite incredible. So, kudos to these courageous and great women.

Here’s a film from National Geographic on the Akashinga.g

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