Using an animal caller, a Coyote Hunter killed a coyote instead of a real coyote.

In North Carolina, a hunter who was using an electronic animal caller was killed by a man with an AR-15 who said he thought the sounds were coyotes near his home.

When Michael Seth Marsh, 26, went hunting for coyotes with a 12-gauge shotgun, a rifle, and an electronic coyote call in Taylorsville, north of Charlotte, he was killed late Monday night.

By the time police got there, Marsh had been shot in the chest with an AR-15 by a man who claimed to have heard coyotes squealing. And thought they had caught something in a tree.

When he saw movement in the trees, the man said he fired two shots at it. Later, he was identified as Ronald Matthew Dunn, 31, of Taylorsville. He called the police after realizing that he had shot the hunter and not a wild animal. In the end, Marsh could not be saved. People who are left behind after Marsh’s death are his family. His wife Katy has two children, Braelynn and Isaac.

Police in Alexander County, Georgia, says that the shooter was nearby and didn’t know that Marsh was in the area when he fired into the woods. The charges were filed later on Wednesday. Dunn was charged with involuntary manslaughter for the shooting.

In exchange for a $75,000 bond, he was taken into custody. He will appear in court on Monday, sheriff’s officials said. Image

On the other hand, Marsh was called a “great man, husband, father, son, and friend” in a memorial fund set up to help pay for funeral costs and other expenses.

“Marsh’s wife will get 100% of these funds, and she will decide what to do with them.” Because this family is in need, our hearts go out to them. We hope everyone can find it in their heart to do something for them.

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