Meet Hana, the Japanese kitten with eyes so big that she looks like she came straight out of a cartoon. She’s so cute!

You think you’ve seen the cutest cats the world has to offer? You’d be wrong. Think again, because Hana the kitten is here.

With her big round eyes, Hana has charmed more than 400,000 people on the internet. She lives in Japan with a bunch of cats and a bird.

People say that cats and birds have always been enemies, but Hana didn’t seem to get the memo about that. We don’t mind that, though. So cute, she got us right in the middle of her paw.

In Japan, there was a Scottish fold cat who had a lot of fans on Instagram.

The 3-year-old kitten has won over more than 250k Instagram followers with her fluffy fur and big eyes, which make her look so cute.

A lot of what she does every day is snuggle with other people, nap, be cute, and hang out with her best friend, a bird named Sai! Yes, you read that right.

Hana isn’t like other cats. She not only lets the little bird live in peace, but she also plays with him. Aww, this is so cute and surprising. See Hana’s daily life below, and don’t forget to vote for your favorite pics!

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