Photos of a dog and a butterfly are so cute!

People love French Bulldogs because they have big, expressive eyes and bat-shaped ears that make them look like little bats. I think Mochi is the cutest French Bulldog I’ve ever seen. She is a five-month-old puppy from San Diego, California. She’s so cute!

According to Rylee Boland, the owner of Mochi, the dog is a lot of fun and very loving. Until now, Boland had only been running Mochi’s Instagram for a month. If that’s not enough, Mochi has more than 7,000 fans.

Mochi’s feed will show what Boland means. When Mochi and Boland are together, they love to snuggle and are always cute. Even though Mochi is a puppy, she is very curious and playful because she wants to know everything.

During a game of hide-and-seek in Boland’s backyard one day, Mochi saw a Monarch butterfly with bright orange wings. As soon as Mochi saw the butterfly, she went over to it, sat still, and calmly watched it.

In general, Mochi is very active and should have scared the butterfly away. Boland was surprised by the events. When Boland saw Mochi, she kept a safe distance, as if she knew how fragile butterflies are and didn’t want to hurt them.

They are smart and intuitive, and Mochi’s actions show that she is also kind and empathetic. It took Mochi and her butterfly friend about 15 minutes to get used to each other.

Mochi’s paw held the butterfly for a second before it flew away.

During this exchange, Boland was moved. So, moreover, she thought that, for a split second, everything in the world was working out just right.

Boland was able to get a picture of the moment because Mochi and the butterfly were both very calm. He took some pictures and put them on Instagram.

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