This Boy Has An Odd Friend

Human-animal friendship has existed since the dawn of time, but every now and then, an unusual friendship emerges that must be seen to be believed. The stingray in this video seems to enjoy petting the boy and even eating from his hand!

Stingrays are found in eight families, each with a unique shape and size. The manta ray is the largest member of the eagle ray family. They can be up to 20 feet wide and weigh 3,000 pounds!

Because the stingray in this video lacks the distinctive cephalic fins near the mouth that give a manta ray its horn-like appearance, it is likely not a manta ray.

Stingrays are rarely aggressive, but many species have a poisonous stinger used to defend themselves. Humans commonly step on them inadvertently. To avoid stepping on stingrays while wading in shallow ocean water, shuffling your feet will likely scare them away.

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