A group of volunteers saved this tiny seal stuck in rocks for hours (video)

In the UK, a seal’s daily routine includes relaxing on the rocks after a swim, but things didn’t go as planned for this newborn seal on St. Mary’s Island. The tiny creature trapped in the rocks, unable to move, cries for rescue.

Luckily for her, a group of people walking on the beach at the time noticed her. They initially assumed the seal was fine, but they quickly realized she was wedged between the rocks, unable to move and wailing uncontrollably. So they notified the St. Mary’s Seal Watch crew.

Seals usually manage to free themselves when stuck, but this poor animal was stranded, said St. Mary’s Seal Watch on Facebook. “After being scared, the little pup probably underestimated the hole it was trying to traverse and went backward.”

When the volunteers came, they found the situation was worse than they expected and that releasing the animal would require a long time and patience. The team had to proceed slowly to avoid harming the seal. “Even at this young age, seals are heavy, have sharp teeth, and bite dangerously,” they warned. “We couldn’t immediately pull her out since the seal, or we could get hurt. So they started by rescuing the baby seal with a towel. So they won’t get hurt, and the animal won’t be stressed. They moved the big rocks with driftwood boards as another rescue crew member delicately brought the creature out.

Thankfully, the small seal was unhurt in this dangerous position. In the wild after a medical checkup. “With volunteers on-site, we quickly saved this tiny one.” Watch another successful seal rescue in the video below:

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