As a friendly Dutch Owl, this one is always looking for a place to land on people (video)

People in a small Dutch town have become famous because of an owl that likes to land on their heads. As it tried to perch on people’s heads in the Netherlands, this friendly 6lb (2.7kg) European Eagle Owl was caught on camera by 48-year-old Menno Shaefer from Zaandam, who is from there. There, it sat for up to a minute before looking for a new place to rest.

When it comes to a majestic owl, the first thing you should do is be friendly. This is a common thing to see. But this European Eagle Owl is more than happy to be around people. Because the 6lb bird likes to land on people’s heads, this is not true.

This is what Menno Shaefer, a Dutch photographer who is 48 years old and lives in Zaandam. He wanted to see the owl see if he was right about its behavior. She said, “I had heard so much about it that I went over to the site and saw it myself.” “It was very funny to see.”

The photographer couldn’t figure out why the owl did what it did, but in the end, he and everyone else in Noordeinde town had a good time with the huge bird. “While I was taking pictures of the owl, it did try to land on my head once,” Shaefer said to the NL Times newspaper. “However, I don’t know why it does this.”

There are also people living there who like that their place is popular because of the owl. “Our village is finally on the map,” said one of the people living there. “People from all over the country come to see the eagle owl.” Check out the video below:

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