An orphaned Aardvark is hiding behind the tires of the truck driver.

When a Namibian truck driver discovered a young creature on one of his tires, he acted quickly. The infant aardvark’s mother was nowhere to be located. The man took it back to the trucking company’s headquarters.

It’s just another day for this Namibian truck driver. The hardworking man was almost ready for work. All he had to do was inspect his car. He spotted something unusual around one of the truck’s wheels. It was a small aardvark! It’s rare to ever see one, let alone meet one.

It is usually seen in South Africa. Due of his evening ritual, humans rarely see him. The amazed truck driver knew the infant aardvark would never live in the wilderness alone, so he decided to aid it.

The truck driver sought to locate the baby’s mother to reunite them. He couldn’t find her anywhere, so he loaded her onto his truck and drove to his company’s headquarters.

Once they arrived, the truck driver called Dr. Erika de Jager, a well-known Namibian vet who oversees the ZURI Orphanage. The orphanage cares for many animals and provides a loving, warm, and safe environment.

The vet fell in love with the small aardvark. She desired him all to herself. The loving vet named the cute aardvark E.T and vowed to offer him the best care possible. The poor guy was malnourished, yet he gained weight and strength over time. When E.T got recovered, the vet took him to her orphanage, where he met two new canine pals: Spokie and Zarah. Dr. Erika was delighted to see the infant aardvark adapting to his new home. She was shocked that he befriended two dogs so soon, out of all the species in the world.

The dogs’ relationship helped E.T. get back in shape quickly. Your kindness encouraged him to keep fighting and find his place. Spokie and Zarah are always with E.T. They play, snuggle, eat, and even sleep together. Dr. Erika thinks E.T thinks he’s a dog because the pups soon adopted him.

It’s beautiful to observe these loved three grow in size and personality together. Five months later, E.T. was fully recovered and ready to return to the Namibian bush’s true home. E.T. was happy to be back in the wild, but he missed his human mother and two canine BFFs. Dr. Erika says the sweet aardvark still visits them occasionally, and they eagerly await each visit.

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