The Monkey Sharpens a Rock and Attempts to Escape the Zoo

Do you think you’d feel bored if we imprisoned and revoked your liberties on a large scale, treating you and others like you in the same manner? Yes, I think so.

Watch this video of a monkey breaking its enclosure and think about why that would be.

A Colombian white-faced capuchin smashed its glass enclosure in Zhengzhou zoo, China, using a rock.

Animal confinement is being called into question in the wake of a shocking incident on the 20th of August, 2019. No, he was not trying to flee. Aside from the obvious question of why he went to such lengths, the tiny boy couldn’t help but be puzzled by the smashed glass. The video captures the monkey studying the glass with a pointed pebble before repeatedly smashing it.

Metro UK said before the monkey attempted to flee, a bystander saw the monkey sharpening a rock on the ground.

The monkey began slamming it on the glass.” Mr. Wang stated that the monkey had frightened itself away but returned to have a second look and even touch it. Zookeeper Tian Shuliao of Zhengzhou noted that the monkey is familiar with tools and has done so in the past: “Other monkeys don’t look like this one. This person knows how to break walnuts with tools. When we give other monkeys walnuts, they only know how to eat them.

However, this was the first time it had ever impacted the glass. First time experiencing this. The toughened glass would have prevented it from escaping. Immediately following the incident, we gathered up all the rocks and threw them away. The truth is that occasionally humans must intervene for animals to live. Across the globe, sanctuaries are built to provide large and safe settings for the animals to thrive. What percentage of sanctuaries were founded directly due to animal cruelty and murder? If we want to call ourselves humane, we shouldn’t use animals in this way, and the video’s monkey is no exception.

The monkey may have cleverly figured out a means to avoid being kept in a cage. He’s doing what he can to assert his individuality. If you don’t believe me, watch this video. So, if we really are the smartest species, perhaps it is time to revisit our worldviews on nature.

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