Kaziranga National Park: The Place Where Poachers Are Shot to Protect Rhinos

Kaziranga National Park is a great example of how conservation can work. This is an example of how well Kaziranga National Park has done to protect rhinos. But what they’ve done to get there is let park workers shoot and even kill people who might try to poach rhinos. There have been a lot of poachers killed in the park. So far, it has killed 50 of them.

Rhinos are safe there. A hundred years ago, there were only a few Indian one-horned rhinos. It now has more than 2,400 people, two-thirds of the world’s population.

While it’s true that not many people talk about the fact that in 2015, more people were killed by park rangers than poachers. The rhino horns could be sold for as much as $6,000 for 100g and are more expensive than gold. These people all went for the rhino horn. Most of the time, they are sold as miracle drugs that can treat everything from cancer to erectile dysfunction.

As soon as Avdesh sees poachers or hunters, “we should start our guns and go after them,” he says. Conservation efforts in India tend to focus on protecting a few important species to the country. There is a lot of patriotism in the fight to keep them alive. Rhinos and tigers have become powerful symbols for the country.

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