Adorable fluffy Finnish kittens who adore winter

Meet Chonky kitties and lovely fluffy balls of fur. We can’t stop cuddling them. Look at their cuteness!

These four Northern Finnish cats are the sweetest ever. Their photos will brighten your day! Sampy, Hiskias Haaponen, Elmeri, and Nelli live with Riikka Hedman.Do you know? Sampy is a 6-year-old domestic cat, according to Rikka. The Norwegian Forest Cat. Elmeri, the domestic gray cat, is 11 years old.

Hiski, the largest tabby without white paws, is 2 years old. They’re all neutered males. Nelli, the gray and white cat, died early this year.

Sampy is overjoyed as he and Rikka take a walk in the nearby old woodland. There is a tiny river and numerous intriguing spots.

Elmeri and Hiski like to stay in the yard, but occasionally join us on a walk. In the winter, they jump over her backyard barriers. With lots of snow, the leaping locations are simpler to define.

Riikka won a photography contest in 2014. She’s been practicing with her new camera and got a wonderful image of Sampy. She forwarded them to a local newspaper, which sent a journalist to write an article about the cat.

After the post came out, she got several requests for the cat’s Facebook profile. She made Sampy an Instagram account. She thinks a good cat photo needs to be natural and perform cat things.

She’s written two books on Sampy! A book’s theme illustrations are not easy. But the picture books are lovely. She also wrote captions for the photos.

She believes it’s fine to transform Sampy into an animated movie, wallpaper, or keychain. But it’s good if she doesn’t have to leave his house. Because he despises travel.

Credit : sampycat

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