The Pudu, the World’s Tiniest Deer, Is Here!

These fantastic creatures are the world’s tiniest species of deer, measuring hardly larger than a pet dog.
Pudu has only two recognized species, both of which are found in South America.
The southern Pudu are Argentine and Chilean Pudu, while Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuelan Pudu are located further south in South America.


These tiny rodents, barely 12-16 inches tall, are vegetarians like most other grazing animals. They eat nothing but fallen fruit, leaves, seeds, and grass as their only food source.


Two methods of accessing vegetation are used by these animals. In contrast to their deer counterparts, they can sometimes stand on their hind legs or even climb trees if necessary.


Pudus, by nature, are wary creatures who are constantly on the lookout for danger. They may, however, evade larger predators by running in a zigzag pattern if they are detected and pursued.


They can also jump and climb very well, which sometimes comes in handy.
These solitary animals inhabit the thick jungles of South America, where they’ve devised an elaborate network of routes to get around the dense vegetation.
During mating season in the fall, these adorable creatures are seen frequently together and give birth to one or two fawns in the spring.


Male pudus, like deer, have antlers that distinguish them from females.
Even though their average life expectancy is 8–10 years, various external factors, like infections and parasites from domestic dogs and habitat loss, have put this at risk.

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