Through a window, the fox and cat have the best friendship.

Jennifer Rutter lives in London and loves to watch animals from her window. Since February, an extraordinary visitor has been coming to see her. A small fox comes to her garden and sunbathes on Rutter’s window ledge for a while. In an interview, the woman said, “That fox is a favorite on our street, and I see her almost every day. The kids keep an eye out for her from the windows of their rooms.”



Jennifer doesn’t mind having a wild fox as a neighbor because the vixen is so polite. The fox brings Rutter little gifts and leaves them on her doorstep even more bravely. Rutter went on to say this about the furry four-legged vixen: “She seems very polite and gentle. She steps off the sidewalk to let people pass, and I’m glad she does, except for the trash she leaves in my garden. It’s given me so many “gifts.” I’ve had a bag of moldy limes, many chicken drumsticks, a single sausage, and a small toy car. Bread seems to be the most popular.”

No one in the family had ever talked to the fox before. Dodo, Rutter’s kitten, wanted to make a new friend at that time. The fox came to visit Dodo and her mom in the home office while they were there. The brave little kitten jumped up to the window to play with the fox when it saw its chance. The fox stood still as the kitten tapped on the window and meowed hello. After a while, she went about her own business.


Rutter, who is laughing, says, “Dodo was sitting on my knee, and I showed her the fox. She jumped up to the window and caught the fox’s attention. Then I started to film. I’d never seen them talk to each other before, and it was so moving to see how much they resembled each other. I didn’t think the fox was dangerous because it seemed interested and playful. It was as if Dodo had stopped her, and she was nice enough to pay attention to the kitten.”


Mom and the kitten are always happy to see the little brave fox. They can’t wait to see what small gifts she will bring them next time.



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