The little dog is happy to go to the hospital to see her best friend.

Maria Eduarda was told she had cancer, so she had to stay in the hospital for weeks. It was a hard time for both her and her family. She had to stay away from her family and her beloved dog Amora, who was waiting for her at home.

She said, “I missed her a lot.” Then she got the best medicine she could have needed. It was more than what she usually gets.

Eduarda’s mother knew that Eduarda was close to Amora, so she set up a surprise for her. The last time she saw her dog was months ago. Her mom and doctor decided that Amora should come to see her. It had been a long time since she had a day like that. At that time, Amora and Eduarda got back together. It was clear that they had both missed each other.


Both of them felt very sad at that time. That visit made her feel better than ever. When they got back together, it made her think of their home and gave her hope that everything would be okay and get back to normal soon. It wasn’t too far, thank goodness.


She now lives at home and is still getting treatment for her cancer. The best part is that she lives with Amora, her beautiful dog. She cares for her and knows her very well. Amora can tell when Eduarda feels down, sick, or even sad. She makes her feel better, and they can’t be apart. She is with her through all of her treatments, giving her the strength she needs.


Eduarda is still getting better, but Amora is there to help her. She is not by herself on her journey. She is her person, and she really loves her dog friend.

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