This lovely Indian Giant Squirrel will captivate your heart with its brilliant fur.

The Malabar Giant Squirrel, commonly known as the Indian Giant Squirrel, is a fascinating creature. John Koprowski, a squirrel expert, captured these incredible and unique clicks. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. It was just too lovely and vivid.

Due to its enormous size, the squirrel resembled a monkey rather than a squirrel. When he first saw the animal was struck not only by its size but also by its vibrant fur. It was unlike any other squirrel he’d seen.

Kaushik Vijayan Photography

He said that this squirrel is near twice the size of an eastern gray squirrel and is unlike any other squirrel he has seen before.

They come in various hues, including black, brown, orange, maroon, and purple.

Kaushik Vijayan Photography

Maroon colors purple are uncommon in mammals, which adds to their appeal. Thanks to their brightly colored and striped fur, they may also live in the wild.

Patchy colors and dark hues are a fantastic adaption for avoiding discovery in the gloomy understory of a dense forest.

Kaushik Vijayan Photography

However, he claims that these will reveal their actual hues and gorgeous pelage (fur) in the sunlight.
According to Wikipedia, they eat fruit, flowers, nuts, and tree bark. Some subspecies are omnivorous, eating insects and bird eggs as well!

Kaushik Vijayan Photography

They rarely venture to the ground, preferring to live high in the forest canopy, leaping and bouncing from tree to tree. This leap can reach a height of 20 feet. Thankfully, these beautiful creatures are not in danger of becoming extinct, but they should still be safeguarded.

The chances of seeing one of these animals in the wild are quite minimal. You should travel to eastern or southern India and deep into the wilderness.

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