When a woman meets a mouse, she makes a small picnic.

When Brighid Rose went to see her parents on a sunny day, she met one of their new renters. It was a small mouse that had moved in and made himself comfortable. Since the small visitor had been looking through their cabinets, they hoped that Rose’s cat could help get rid of this unwelcome guest. Wanting to treat him with more care and kindness, they did more than just move him outside and let him go.

She said in an interview, “I picked him up and took him to the field behind their house.” I didn’t like leaving him in the field, especially since he must have been used to eating all the food my parents kept in their cabinets. So I brought him a small picnic to say goodbye.” The woman set out a napkin and put some food on it, just like at a real picnic, and the little mouse loved it. Brighid and the mouse spent some time together. She found a safe place for the mouse and left him some snacks to help him get used to being outside.


In her interview, she also said this about the little visitor: “It was so sweet that he let me sit next to him for more than an hour. I thought he was very happy. Actually, I’ve always loved animals a lot. I didn’t really give it much thought. Like, I should help him out! He can’t help being a small mouse in a big world. Wasn’t it cute? Made my day for sure.”

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