Everyone turned their backs on a street singer, but four kittens stood up for him.

Everyone likes to listen to music, and when a singer sings, we all sing along with the melody and lyrics.

It’s especially true when we’re in a good mood and on vacation. As we share more joy and happiness. Artists don’t want to sing all night just to make you happy.

Some people just wait for their chance to perform on the street, while others are born to do it. Being a street performer isn’t all fun and games, that’s for sure. Every night, performing for people walking by takes a lot of skill and confidence.

It’s just part of the job to be turned down and ignored. Just like this Malaysian street performer who sang his heart out all night, no one paid attention.

Even though no one stopped to listen to him, he did get the attention of a group of music lovers you might not expect. Four kittens who were only 3 months old sat and watched him sing and play his guitar while he was singing. Even though they were a strange crowd, they were the nicest and most enthusiastic people any performer could have.

A busker sings for a group of kittens.

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