Many animals in nature have such strong instincts to care for young ones that they will do so even if they aren’t their own. Surrogate mothers have been matched with orphaned babies who need a mother. This is a beautiful relationship that helps both parties. Recently, an owl who didn’t have any babies was given two orphaned chicks to raise as her own, and she was so happy to be a mother.

Robert Fuller is an artist and photographer who works with wildlife. He lives in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, UK, and helps animals improve. He has watched Luna, a tawny owl, struggle to become a mother for the past two years. Even though she tried hard, none of her babies have made it.

But soon enough, a good chance came along. As Luna tried to get pregnant, two owl chicks who didn’t have a mother were looking for someone to care for them. The chicks were found on the floor of a nearby farm, where they had fallen. “Because these owl chicks are so young, they could die of cold in a short time because they should be constantly cared for by their parent at this age,” Robert wrote. So, Robert put the owlets in Luna’s nest, hoping that she would take care of them. “I often put orphaned or lost owlets into the nests of tawny owls, and the young birds treat them as their own,” Robert said. “They have a strong need to care for and protect.” The plan worked out very well. A heartwarming video shows the moment when Luna finds the owl chicks in her nest. She seems so happy to finally have babies to care for. When Luna sees the orphaned owl chicks, she doesn’t hesitate for a second before taking them in as her own. She literally takes them under her wing, as if she’s cuddling and protecting them. Robert wrote that Luna is now a mother “after a long wait.”
Robert said that Luna was “doing a great job” raising the chicks and was “so gentle” with them in an update. He says it won’t be long before the chicks are too old to stay in the nest, but they are now safe with their loving mother.

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