This is the sweet moment when a saved elephant was finally reunited with her best friends. Three elephants in India have been forced to perform for crowds for more than 50 years. Luckily, that pain is over, and the beautiful animal has finally been saved. Two of them were taken to a place for wild animals, but the third one was left behind. The moment she sees her “sisters” again is caught on camera!

Mia, Sita, and Rhea got a second chance at life thanks to the hardworking people of Wildlife SOS, a UK-based rescue and wildlife conservation group. The three elephants were part of a circus for more than 50 years, and they were all kept in chains the whole time. However, getting them out of danger was not easy. It took the volunteers months and much work to get the three “sisters” to the sanctuary.

Mia and Site went together to the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, but Rhea had to stay behind, not knowing if she would ever see them again. The group wrote, “It broke our hearts to leave Rhea behind.” “But we always knew we’d come back for her and fight with all our might to free her, too!” Wildlife SOS’s efforts paid off in the end, and after being separated from her friends for months, Rhea was finally reunited with them. Between 45 and 53 years old, the three elephants have grown close over their many years of suffering, and we could not understand their bond. After nearly five days and 1,750 miles of travel, Rhea was finally back with her “sisters.” When the three old friends saw each other again, it was a beautiful sight that made everyone cry. Kartick Satyanarayan, who helped start Wildlife SOS, said, “It was great to see elephants behaving naturally and hear them calling to each other.” “It was hard not to feel proud to be a part of this reunion. It was amazing that we could reunite these gentle giants as a family.” Now, Mia, Sita, and Rhea can live a free, happy life, and maybe most importantly, they will never be separated again.

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