A black jaguar swimming was caught on film in a rare and stunning moment.

There are only about 600 black jaguars left in the wild, so it’s rare to see one. Even rarer is to see one paddling through the Amazon River. Jaguars are good swimmers and climbers, and they need a lot of tropical rainforests and riverbanks to live. The Amazon Region Protected Areas is a model for conservation. It protects 150 million acres of the Amazon, three times the size of all US parks.

In the Amazon Region Protected Areas, which cover 150 million acres, this was seen by a group led by the World Wildlife Fund. Black jaguars have a dominant gene for melanism, which makes their coats very dark. This makes it hard to see the yellow and black rosette patterns that most jaguars have. The video shows that these top predators can swim well thanks to their short, strong legs. The International Union for the Conservation of Nature lists jaguars as “near threatened” because their habitats are lost and broken up. People are killing them for their valuable coats. Find out how to help save jaguars on this page.

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